W. Walker Hanlon

Assistant Professor Department of Economics NYU Stern School of Business
44 West 4th Street, 7th fl. New York, NY 10012 whanlon@stern.nyu.edu



  • Introductory Microeconomics (undergraduate)


  • Urban Economics (undergraduate) Syllabus
  • European Economic History (graduate) Syllabus
  • A History of Health in Cities (freshman seminar) Syllabus


Published and Accepted Papers

Coal Smoke and Mortality in an Early Industrial Economy (with Brian Beach)

Economic Journal, November 2018, 128(615), pp. 2652-2675.

Subsumes "Pollution and Mortality in the 19th Century"

Agglomeration: A Long-Run Panel Data Approach (with Antonio Miscio)

Journal of Urban Economics , Vol. 99, May 2017, pp. 1-14.

Data Appendix: See Data Resources section below

Replication files

Book Review: The Pox of Liberty: How the Constitution Left Americans Rich, Free, and Prone to Infection. By Werner Troesken.

Journal of Economic History Dec. 2016, v. 76 no. 4, pp. 1240-1242

Temporary Shocks and Persistent Effects in Urban Economies: Evidence from British Cities after the U.S. Civil War

Review of Economics & Statistics , March 2017, 99(1), p. 67-79.

Subsumes "Industry Connections and the Geographic Location of Economic Activity"

Data & Replication Files

Killer Cities: Past and Present (with Yuan Tian)

American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings , May 2015, 105(5), pp. 570-575

Online Appendix   Data & Replication Files

Do better monitoring institutions increase leadership quality in community organizations? Evidence from Uganda. -- with Guy Grossman

American Journal of Political Science , July 2014, v. 58, pp. 669-686.

Working Papers

Can migration make deadly recessions look healthy? Evidence from large-scale linked microdata (with V. Arthi and B. Beach)

Previously circulated as "Estimating the Recession-Mortality Relationship when Migration Matters"

Status: New draft posted June 25, 2018

Pollution and Maternal Mortality: Evidence from the London Fog (with Katherin Sudol)

Status: New draft completed July 9, 2018. Available upon request.

The Persistent Effect of Temporary Input Cost Advantages in Shipbuilding, 1850-1911

Status: Updated November 24, 2018

Previously circulated as "Evolving Comparative Advantage in International Shipbuilding During the Transition from Wood to Steel"

London Fog: A Century of Pollution and Mortality, 1866-1965

Status: New draft posted December 10, 2018

Skilled Immigrants and American Industrialization: Lessons from Newport News Shipyard

R&R at Business History Review

Status: Draft updated August 9, 2018

Work in progress

Spillover Effects of IP Protection in the Inter-war Aircraft Industry (with Taylor Jaworski)

Status: Presentation mode. First draft coming soon.

Censorship, Family Planning, and the British Demographic Transition (with Brian Beach)

Status: Presentation mode. First draft coming soon.

Climate, Mortality and Adaptation: 100 Years of Weekly Evidence from London (with Casper Worm Hansen)

Status: First draft coming soon.

Older unpublished working papers

Endogenous City Disamenities: Lessons from Industrial Pollution in 19th Century Britain

Available from the Ziman Center Working Paper Series here

This paper was a precursor to "Coal Smoke and the Costs of the Industrial Revolution"

Data Resources

British Patent Classification Database, 1855-1882

Database of all British patents from 1855-1882 with technology classifications from the British Patent Office

Data and Documentation (Zip file)

British City-Industry Database, 1851-1911

Database describing employment in 26 private sector industries in 31 large English cities from 1851-1911

Version 2.0: Updated March, 2016

Documentation (PDF)   Data (Zip file)